IP & Ange's Wedding & Their Budget

This was a wedding based on a $6,000 budget. In fact they had a wonderful wedding weekend as many of guests stayed over for a day of kayaking swimming & picnicking the next day.

The following is an extract from their ceremony...

No matter how meaningful their relationship is, and will continue to be, when it came to the planning of the actual ceremony, we always knew, for IP & Ange it would have to reflect their personalities with an aspect of lightheartedness.

So we have decided that the next part of their ceremony, the part that takes them across the threshold from being engaged to being married, should be conducted in Dr. Seuss style in the spirit of Green Eggs and Ham. This we felt would be more appropriate for IP & Ange than the traditional words of love, devotion and commitment, which we know is a given.


IP & Ange

will you answer me right now,

these questions, as your wedding vow?

Do you agree to be husband and wife?

Will you love each other all your life?

And if you'll have, and if you'll hold,

from now until the stars grow cold,

and if you'll love through good and bad,

and whether you're happy or you’re sad,

and love in sickness, and in health,

and when you're poor, and when in wealth,

and if you'll love with all your heart,

from now until death, do you part,

if you'll love each other through and through,

please answer with these words:


We DO!


You're married now! So IP you can kiss your bride,

but please, do keep it dignified.


But hark we haven’t finished yet


A little more serious me thinks, we have to get.

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