Wedding Ceremonies

My commitment to you is to get to know you, work closely with you, ensuring your ceremony ‘is all about you’ - has ‘a point of difference’ and has that all important element - the ‘WOW’ factor.

I have taken weddings where the bride and groom have wanted an elegantly simple wedding on the beach at dawn or sunset, to intimate casual weddings at the couple’s home or their favourite restaurant to the glamorous big timeless traditional weddings. Then there have been the fun of themed weddings, one being based on the ‘Rocky Horror Show’.

I never stop collecting new material and ideas so your ceremony we craft together from my 100 and something page book that is bursting with very cool relevant material will ensure your wedding day begins with a fabulous ceremony.

Whatever your choice may be - I can promise you that ‘every emotion, every vision you have, will be captured in every minute of your ceremony’. A ceremony that will still have you and your guests talking about long after it has finished and I can assure you, it will become a treasured memory that will last a lifetime.

Showcase Weddings & Their Budgets

IP & Ange's Wedding

IP & Ange were married at Ngatuhoa Lodge 16.01.2016 which is a school camp in the bush. It was a fabulous day in every way.

This was a wedding based on a $6,000 budget. In fact they had a wonderful wedding weekend as many of guests stayed over for a day of kayaking swimming & picnicking the next day.


Shawn & Kendal

Shawn and Kendal had a Mount Maunganui beautiful beach wedding followed by a reception in the nearby Surf Club on 16th April 2016.

Their wedding was based on a $10,000 budget. Weddings are expensive. But like Shawn and Kendal you can reduce costs without reducing the gorgeousness of the day. They accepted offers from friends and family so the ‘hair styling, cars, cake and photography’ were all given as wedding gifts.


Elliott and Laura’s wedding

Elliott and Laura’s wedding was a beautifully detailed choreographed wedding celebrated 12th March, 2016 at ‘Bella Vista’; a magnificent venue commanding the magnificent views.

This was a ‘high end’ budget wedding which began with a ‘wish list’ budget of $20,000 however that was exceeded by at least $8,000.


All 3 weddings I’ve featured are completely different in style and budget - all 3 were stunning to the max in their own gorgeous way.

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