Loved ones Funeral Service

A Celebration of Life

‘Love never Dies’ in the words of John Keats – ‘A thing of beauty is a joy for ever: Its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness’

When we experience the death of someone we love, a funeral service fills several important needs. Firstly and most importantly it provides for the dignified and respectful care of the person and allows us to express on the outside, the pain we are feeling on the inside; a big step towards healing.

I have been so very honoured to have been conducting funeral services with empathy and professionalism for some 18 years. I can promise you, your loved ones funeral service will be rich in personal stories, a true reflection of the history, experiences, moments and milestones of their life’s journey.

Organised and conducted meaningfully and eloquently
the service will create a moving and fitting tribute that begins with...


  • Meeting you the family, at a time and place convenient to you. We spend as much time as required for me to get to know your loved one and be fully informed of yours and their wishes.
  • From your memories and factual account of your loved ones life, I weave into a biography type eulogy. I return the entire service to you to ensure you feel satisfied the service design does justice to the memory of the one whose life we are celebrating.
  • However you wish to express your grief this can be done. A funeral service can display so many elements and it allows you to say a final goodbye in the way you want - with elements that are old, new, formal, informal, in a chapel, the persons own home, bush or beach, with the addition of creative decor, favourite music, a pictorial slideshow of the persons life’s journey, whatever is your wish, I will be only too happy to make it happen.

At times I get to meet the person when their time is limited. This is often done as it’s the last act of love they can do for their family and will take much of the arrangement stress from their spouse when the time comes. For me, this is a treasured powerful time I am humbled by and always leave the meeting with and overwhelming sense of admiration for the terminally ill person’s remarkable strength of character.

One of the loveliest compliments I receive from mourners is when they say ‘the service has been the most beautiful and meaningful celebration of a person’s life, they have ever attended’

The following are just 5 of the many treasured letters from my lovely families…

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