Baby Naming Ceremony

...Love created a new life,
and so a beautiful journey begins...

Gathering family and friends together to celebrate baby’s birth with a Baby Naming Ceremony is a lovely way to welcome your baby into the wider circle of his/her/their world. It is a time to assure siblings of their special role in their new baby’s life. Equally as important, we acknowledge the supportive role of love, nurturing and guidance parents, grandparents and God parents now have.

There is no age requirement for a naming ceremony as it can be mere days after birth to several months or years afterwards. I have taken naming ceremonies combined with a first birthday. Likewise, there is no set format either. There are many lovely non religious rituals, ideas, touches that give the ceremony real meaning for you and your family, all of which, I enjoy discussing with you during the planning.

At ceremony’s end I present beautiful personalized signed naming certificates I have created for baby, along with those for you the parents and for each of the grandparents and God parents.

I am often asked at Baby Naming Ceremonies as to the origin of the Ceremony; Baby Naming Ceremonies or Name-giving Ceremonies are almost as old as mankind itself.

From the moment of birth, our minds and spirits are slowly shaped by a set of values, customs and traditions specific to our own time and place.

Nearly every society has a ritual to welcome children into the world and integrate them into the community in which they belong.

In Roman times a son was not a legal member of the family until the father had named him in a public Naming Ceremony.

If you are an Australian Aboriginal from the Kimberly region, you have been rocked through the smoke of the Konkerberry fire by your grandmother.

Although vastly different, each ceremony conveys essentially the same message: "Welcome, you are one of us, we will do our best to protect and nurture you”

With these words, spoken in vast cities and tiny villages, in a thousand different languages, we begin our voyage in the circle of life.

A Naming Ceremony will in no way inhibit a child from any future commitments to religious or non-religious beliefs.

Another nice thought is; why not make it a time when you celebrate your love and commitment to your family and to one another, by combining and celebrating a Wedding or Renewal of Vows Ceremony.

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