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With nearly 2 decades of experience I have earned a reputation as being a celebrant who is innovative, positive, reliable, creative, open minded, adaptable, professional, well spoken and very presentable, one who listens and is eager to brainstorm and help with all those little details that would otherwise be overlooked – ‘yes’ that’s me, and together we’ll create the wedding ceremony of your dreams.

On the Day - I dress elegantly and most appropriately for the wedding and the setting. For an outside venue in the height of summer I wear a dress hat for sun shade. My hats are tasteful, complement my outfit and honours the exquisite occasion for which I’m officiating. I am a perfectionist, can’t stand anything that’s not right to the eye as attention to detail for me is paramount but I’m also relaxed, don’t do stress, bubbly, relate easily and well to folk of all ages; making your guests feel as much a part of your ceremony as you.

I’m available for weddings in Tauranga, Mount Maunganui, Katikati, Te Puke, Pukehina, Rotorua & Lakes Area, Matamata.

4 frequently asked questions...

How do we go about creating a unique ceremony? – easy, I’m very proud of my latest ‘user friendly’ 118 page book of ceremony options - a wide genre of contemporary, creative and relevant material. Before that magical moment when you stand in front of your family and friends looking like you have just stepped off the cover of ‘Vogue’, you have been many things to one another; acquaintance, best friend, companion, lover, critic, teacher; your uniquely crafted ceremony will capture and reflect your journey, your vision and the pride you will have in saying “this is my husband, this is my wife”.

Do we have a wedding rehearsal? – yes, think of it as a dress rehearsal without the dress. Your wedding ceremony will need a rehearsal to ensure things go smoothly and everyone knows exactly what they are doing on the day. It is a way to reassure yourself your vision for your ceremony is everyone else’s, your music and ceremony are seamless and it will help you overcome any wedding day stresses.

How important are the actual vows? – very, your wedding vows are the very heart of your ceremony and they are a way of saying to one another, “you know all those things that we’ve promised, and hoped, and dreamed – well, I meant it all, every word.”

After the ceremony do we get a copy? – absolutely, I present you with a beautifully ribbon bound copy of your ceremony, in fact it is a complete portfolio of everything we have said and done and of course, it is colour coordinated to your colour theme. Refer Anthony & Emma’s photo in ‘Marriage License’ section; their ceremony book is shown on the register table and in the ‘same sex’ section, there is a photo of Mark & George’s


Enjoy the site, it reflects well my passion for my work, my experience and will ensure your ceremony becomes a treasured moment and memory.

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